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Blood On the Calamus
It was the hardest part, keeping them clean. The feathers had a way of holding onto odor, and it forever bothered him, sometimes to distraction. The new ones were free from the wear and tear and smells, but the the plucking had left behind smudges which had to be cleaned away, one shimmering green and purple variegated feather at a time. The sheen under the ever-present candlelight had an almost calming effect as he very gently washed each calamus, having care not to wet the actual vane, then laid them gently back into the small chest where he'd been keeping them while he collected them. It had taken months, but he finally had enough.
The process was tedious, but the concentration soothed his mind, and made him focus enough that Justice stayed quiet. For now.
He watched Del change. Muscled shoulders slipping into her housecoat, dark hair hanging loose down her back. She turned just enough that her bright blue eyes caught his gaze for just a moment. The smile that ghosted her face was s
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Then They Go To Hive
It was Brunhilde who came to see her when she should have been abed and not pacing the halls endlessly. Brunhilde who was a wonder to behold in combat. Brunhilde who was nearly perpetual motion of blonde braids and glints of sunlight off of steel. Long arches that made the sword an extension of her well-muscled arms. Brunhilde who pushed her to learn faster and left little room for mistakes. There was no room for excuses amongst the shieldmaidens.
For all her sternness, it was also Brunhilde who had taken her under her wing and treated her as a sister.
"Sif you should retire to your bed." Her bright blue eyes pierced Sif with a fierceness she recognised in her own reflection.
"I am a shieldmaiden of Asgard. I will not be brought to my knees by such a malady." She braced her hands against her lower back as she gazed out over the garden, bouncing with every step.
Brunhilde snorted and strode to Sif's side. "Do you think bearing children is an easy feat? As many women have died in such ma
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First They Go To Flower :iconouyangdan:OuyangDan 0 0
Not to Put Too Fine A Point On It
The sun filtered through the tall trees of the private garden, dappling the ground with a shimmer of gold which flickered with every breeze, and blew strands of Sif's similarly coloured hair into her eyes. It carried that quiet which made her uneasy in her stillness. She rolled her shoulders, smoothed her hair back into her tight ponytail, and let out a long breath.
Archery was hardly her favorite. She was skilled enough that should could teach it to Loki, though he quickly passed her in skill. She trained her eyes down, focusing on the target, and curled fingers around the riser. She loosed the arrow, striking the target — but only barely. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to abate her aggravation.
"Fair shot, my lady Sif." Loki released his next, striking just off the center. To his credit he didn't look too smug at this, and to hers, she took it with good grace.
"You do not need to assuage my ego, my prince. Should you wish to switch to blades I bel
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Amaranth -- Dog :iconouyangdan:OuyangDan 1 2
It felt like she was falling. She hovered enough near consciousness that she was aware that she was moving. Then not. She skimmed so close to wakefulness that she couldn't dream, but she couldn't open her eyes, either.
Kahrin didn't know how long she'd been out. Sound seeped in eventually, invading her darkness, tugging at her mind.
There was… something she needed to be doing. Slowly aches returned to her, and she itched. Not her skin. Deep in her blood, she felt like she needed to be moving.
The smells came next. Strong, like the balm her nan used to rub on her chest as a girl or the salve she slathered on scraped knees and elbows. Her fingers twitched under a thick fur.
"Try not to move too quickly." The voice that pulled at her was familiar, but not. She blinked her eyes open, the dim light easy enough to not make her flinch. "You are awake. Mother will be pleased."
Golden eyes watched met hers. Nearly swirling, no light reflecting off of them.
"I don't… where…"
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Amaranth -- Purpose :iconouyangdan:OuyangDan 2 0
War Council
Kahrin had met King Cailan before Ostagar. She'd been quite young and he not much older. Kahrin herself had been kept mostly from Court to avoid the uncomfortable necessity of turning down offers of marriage, but King Maric and his son had not been strangers to the Couslands, or to Highever. One of her fondest and earliest memories included being perched upon King Maric's knee while he told tall tales about Grey Wardens and darkspawn, and while Cailan hung on his words and begged his father to embellish the details just a little more.
But that had been the furthest it ever went. As far as she knew, there had never been talk of potential matches with the young prince. He'd been betrothed to the Queen as long as she could remember, and it had always been presumed she herself would marry one of the Howe boys.
Why he wanted to see her now, she had no idea.
Her mouth felt like she'd slept with a mabari's foot in it. After chewing some root or another, she was handed a uniform. It hung loose
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Ordeal :iconouyangdan:OuyangDan 2 2
Amaranth -- Wilder
The woman's brow was drawn down, her eyes peering out and almost through them. The timbre and cadence of her voice seemed as though she were talking to herself, and they only there to listen by chance. "I have watched your progress for some time. Where do they go, I wondered. Why are they here? And now you touch ashes none have touched for so long. Why is that?"
"Don't answer her," Alistair's voice was low, the hint of menace obvious. "She looks Chasind. There may be more of them."
Kahrin said nothing as she examined the situation. She'd never seen a Wilder before. The woman before her certainly didn't look like a baby-eating monster barbarian. I don't exactly look like the daughter of a Teyrn, she thought bitterly, with dirt smudged over her face and her boots nearly worn through.
The woman's glare stuck to Alistair, her generous mouth pulled down in obvious disapproval. "You fear barbarians will swoop down upon you?" she mocked him, waving her arms about her head wildly.
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A Life of Pie
"When did you get so heavy?"
"I could kick your ass for that, you know. And when did you get so wimpy?"
"When I became an old man." Anders shoves once more and Kahrin gains the top of the wall.
"Were you always this whiney? Hand me the pie."
Anders hands the wrapped package up to Kahrin's outstretched hands. She sets it aside and then leans over for his hands.
"How did you even find me?" He grunts and jumps, Kahrin pulling with all her strength, which is considerable for her size. He's a good climber — he must have been for all those escapes — and grapples for purchase with his feet. They pull him to the top and settle side by side, kicking their legs in front of them. It's not the battlements at Vigil's Keep, but it will do.
"I followed the trail." Kahrin gives him a meaningful look full of that arched eyebrow he's come to wince at.
And he does wince now, though for a different reason. "That's not funny, Kahrin."
"I know." She doesn't elaborate. Doesn't need to. The guilt
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Bait and Switch
The yelling in the room echoed off of the walls. The blood still reflected candle and sunlight on the rug. A single droplet of sweat tracked Alistair's nose as he cleaned his sword and sheathed it. The Queen trembled — she had to know it would end like this. Kahrin felt an unexpected pang of empathy. She turned her head away — no one should have to watch their own father cut down.
It was justice. Fair by their laws, and agreed upon by the assembled nobility. Still, it sat uneasily with Kahrin.
The combination of sensations and her lack of sleep the previous night made Kahrin dizzy. She still had marks on her wrists from the hospitality of Fort Drakon. She was beyond exhausted, and had so much left to do. So tired, and so far to go, and so ready to lie down and never get up.
But this part they had won. The Landsmeet voted in their favor. Part of her didn't yet believe it, not even when Anora pushed past her obvious grief, raising her hand regally at the same moment as Arl Ea
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Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes, the gifs, the art (KAMI I LOVE YOU). It was so touching. You are all amazing.

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